Summer 2014 Network Meeting

Thanks to everyone for making our summer 2014 meeting here at Stanford so successful!

Over our two days together, we welcomed many new participants to our network, reflected on our work together to date, and discussed our plan for the next two years. Karen provided us with an analysis on the SBAC field test survey data, Kenji explained the expansion of networks involving our own district members, and Jeff shared his work-in-progress professional development model.  And all of you shared your own district's initiatives, areas of interest, and burning questions that you'd like to see the network pursue.

The following notes and Powerpoint presentations from the meeting that can be found by clicking here:

1) Meeting Agenda

2) Notes from District Initiatives and Areas of Interest Discussion

3) Questions generated during day 2 final reflection

4) PDF file from Karen Thompson's presentation on SBAC survey data

5) PDF file of Jeff Zwiers' presentation on Co-Designing a Professional Development Model 

6) Kenji's presentation on small district networks

7) Steven's presentations